We have the honor to inform you that SIFF has launched its new campaign - GOLDEN TICKET - with which everyone could try his/her luck!

When buying a ticket in a can which is commercially available, it could turn out to be a golden free pass for two people for all screenings and parties of the festival.

The lucky ones will have golden reserved seats in the halls. 5 golden tickets with unlimited access to movies, parties, media events and unforgettable meetings with actors and directors expect anyone who purchases a commercial can.

TICKET is everywhere you go shopping - in bookshops, bars and many places you don''t even expect.

Whoever won a Golden Ticket should make a connection with the office of the festival to receive his golden opportunity to endless cinema fiesta.

GOLDEN TICKET campaign challenges some of the most talented young filmmakers who supported the campaign and shot a video with the new festival anthem. The director of the video is Dragomir Sholev.