The director of Sofia Intenational Film Festival Stefan Kitanov was presented with the "Golden Age" star by the Minister of culture Vezdi Rashidov

At a ceremony on May 18th at the "Scene 17" in the Ministry of Culture were presented annual awards honoring May 24 - the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature.

With the prestigious 'Golden Age' star was awarded director of Sofia International Film Festival Stefan Kitanov. He shared with the audience that accepts the award on behalf of the whole team, with whom he worked for years.

"25 years ago I was busking on the streets and subways of the city. One nice day in May, just like today, prof. Alexander Yanakiev convinced me to apply for the post of Director of the House of Cinema. Since then, I always had the support of my family and especially my wife Iliana. I've always worked in a team with young people. Margarita Radeva and Alexander Yanakiev unfortunately are not among us anymore... For years we are together with Mira Staleva, Kiril Lozanov, Vihrena Ninova, Svetla Damianova, Yordanka Saparevska, Petya Miteva, Georgi Manolov, Rumiana Radeva, Yanka Mitova ... This award is for the whole team. Thanks to all institutions, organizations, partners and friends who supported SIFF and all our activities related to the production, distribution and film screenings over the years!", said Kitanov.

The award was presented to artists from various fields of arts for their contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture and spirituality, including writer Georgi Danailov, director Kyriakos Argyropoulos, director of the Puppet Theatre, the poet Ivan Tsanev composer Mitko Shterev, architect Petar Dikov and others.

Happy May 24!
Happy Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture!