Director - Ben Sharrock
Script - Ben Sharrock
Cinematographer - Ben Sharrock
Music - Ben Sharrock
Cast - Ben Sharrock
Producer - Ben Sharrock
Продукция - Caravan Cinema
Pi-ka-de-ro. Basque, noun. 1. Riding school. 2. A place used for sexual encounters.
Gorka is approaching 30 and still living with his parents. Affected by the recession that grips Spain, he’s lucky to have his temporary job working at a local toolmaking factory. He recently met the beautiful Ane who, in her late twenties, is also still living with her parents. The time to consummate their relationship has arrived. But where? They have no privacy at home and Gorka can’t afford a hotel room. So the two set off in their car in search of a Pikadero. But between a series of mirthful mishaps, Ane’s plans to emigrate,
and Gorka’s fear of the future, it’s not easy finding the right moment. With wonderfully dry, laconic humour that calls to mind Kaurismäki or Kolirin, Ben Sharrock’s feature film debut tells in well-composed tableaux of the Spanish economic crisis, missed chances and the search for true happiness.


  • 23.03.2016
    CULTURE CENTER “G8” - 21.00 часа
  • 19.03.2016
    EURO CINEMA - 21.30 часа