Director - Tsvetodar Markov
Script - Tsvetodar Markov
Cinematographer - Tsvetodar Markov
Music - Tsvetodar Markov
Cast - Tsvetodar Markov
Producer - Tsvetodar Markov
Продукция - Hristian Nochev
The seven year old Aya spends a lot of time in the theater, because her farther, Asen, is an actor. One night Aya falls asleep in the control room. After the end of the show intrigue, betrayal and tension in the theatre group gradually escalate. Asen’s illusions collapse, when he finds out that the television star, Boyan, will replace him in a long time running production and Aya’s father provokes a scandal, which turns into a drunken brawl. Will Asen succeed to rediscover himself, with the unreserved support of his wife and the selfless love of his daughter?


  • 15.03.2016
    LUMIERE - 16.30 часа