Director - Ted Kotcheff
Script - Robert Klane
Cinematographer - François Protat
Music - Andy Summers
Cast - Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Catherine Mary Stewart, Terry Kiser, Don Calfa
Producers - Victor Drai, Bruce McNall
Продукция - Gladden Entertainment
Two young men are trying to make their way in a corporation. One on charm, the other on hard work. When they go to the president with a serious financial error on a printout, he pretends to be thrilled and invites them to his beach house for the weekend. He actually plans on having them killed, so he hires a hitman. Bernie is also fooling around with the girlfriend of his mafia partner. When the partner has Bernie killed, the boys end up having to pretend Bernie is still alive as the frustrated hitman tries time and time again to complete the job.


Deauville ’89 – Nomination for Critics Award


  • 10.03.2016
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа
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