Sabine 18
FRG, 1967, 10', b/w
Veruschka Mehring, Sabine A. Wengen, Martin Müller, Klaus Lemke
Sabine hasen’t done it yet. Her boyfriend is shocked. She has nothing to do than going and asking someone else.

FRG, 1969, 11’, b/w
Klaudia Littmann, Peter Lohmann
As an excuse to take a shower, a young woman accommodates in a writer’s home.

Der Lange Marsch / The Long March
FRG, 1970, 14’, b/w
Dieter Augustin, Siegfried Graue
Gustl, the master of survival, is living on the street. He takes a guard uniform from a carnaval rent store, so that he can fine the disturbers in the park. But there are consequences.

Schöner Abschied / The Beautiful Farewell
FRG, 1970, 10’, b/w
Friedrich Pauli, Towje Kleiner
An old man rents a gastarbeiter for a special request.

Schritte / Steps
FRG, 1974, 10’, b/w
Dieter Augustin, Hans Jakob, Bernd Fiedler, Marran Gosov
A perplexed world with a yearning turned upside down.

Spielen In Deutschland / To Play in Germany
FRG, 1975, 13’, b/w
Marran Gosov, Iraj Trabizi
A scene with a gastarbeiter must be shot. But unexpectedly everything gets complicated.


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